• Industrial Piping• Power Plants Mechanical Piping and Equipment Assembly,
• Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant,
• Cogeneration Power Plant,
• Biogas Power Plant
• Fuel Storage and Filling Facilities Installation
• Tank Maintenance (Tank Corrosion Control,Sandblasting, Painting and Renewal of Tank Surface etc.)
• National Marker Injection System Setup Tank and Pressure Vessel Production
• Inner Surface Floating Roof Assembly
• Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installation (HVAC)
• Boiler Rooms, Heat Centers,
• Fire Equipment,
• Automation,
• VRV and VRF A/C Installation,
• Insulation and Coating,
• Water Treatment Installation
• City Hospitals
• General Contracting Services (Construction, Electric
and Steel Construction Works)

Record: 2/23/2018
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